Installing vmware player ( vmplayer) on Ubuntu Feisty

Many people ooften ask how to install vmplayer, the free player to run Virtual Machine files, on Ubuntu…
Although there are many guides on the internet, most of them do not explain in great detail the steps one needs to do… I had many problems because of that…

So finally after I solved things on my own… I decided to write on it… and here it is… šŸ™‚

First before installing vmware do this command:
$ uname -r
It will show which version of kernel are you running
Note it down

Next do this:
$ apt-cache search vmware kernel module

Check out if the vmware tools and vmware player kernel modules are available in the repository for your kernel. If it exists, well and good.
Otherwise install a new kernel, for which the module is available.

Next do this:
$ sudo apt-get install vmware-player vmware-player-kernel-modules-{your_kernel_version} vmware-tools-kernel-modules-{your_kernel_version}

During the installation there will be a setup, that will ask you to accept a license, and then ask for some settings
After installation is done,
Do this:
$ vmplayer

And hoperfully vmware player will run fine on your machine
Enjoy šŸ™‚


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