Glest – 3D RTS game for UBUNTU

Ever played Age of Mythology, or Rise of Nations, or World of Warcraft? They are among the best available 3D RTSgames

Well, those games arent available natively for Linux. You can ofcourse run them in emulators such as Wine in Linux, but still their performance is horrible (only from my experience).

Well, there is one such top game, and it runs natively on Linux. Its called Glest.

I’ve tried it and its a great game. There are like only two races to choose from(Magic and Tech), which is one bad point I guess. But still after I played it I got hooked onto it. Take it from me, its a great game. The game-feel is very similar to World of Warcraft.

For UBUNTU installers are availabe from here :

Get the two deb packages: glest and glest-data downloaded on your computer. Then first install glest-data, and after that install the glest package.

I think you will love the game as much as I did.


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