VMware workstation for Feisty

I tried installing Vmware workstation v5.5 and its offers a hell lot of problems…

So, if you want to install Vmware workstation on UBUNTU Feisty Fawn, keep these things in mind:

1. vmmon module doesnt install error

you’ll need to change a line in a file in vmmon.tar package in modules/source/ directory

2. vmnet module doesnt install error

You’ll need to change a line in a file in vmnet.tar package in modules/source/ directory

Check the internet for the above two (i’m feeling too lazy right now to find a put up a link now, but i’m sure you’ll get it on the first page of Google search)

Some people even offer modified vmmon.tar and vmnet.tar packages… Check the internet for that…

3. libpng12.so.0 error

You need to remove libdbus1.2 package

After resolving these issues Vmware 5.5 will run smoothly… as it did on my machine…


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