Swiftfox web browser

Ofcourse we all know about Firefox… The mozilla browser thats become so popular, and is also included by default in UBUNTU.

But sometimes, people complain of firefox being slow, and lagging when multiple pages are viewed.

My firefox crashed many times, when I have opened multiple pages of youtube in the same browser, ie., it becomes very slow and unresponsive.

So what did people come out with…


Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox for Linux. I have tried it by opening many windows and it hasnt slowed down yet.

For ubuntu download the deb file from here. Double-click to install.


And also befor you download swiftfox check this website out… http://getswiftfox.org/ -> this website says why you shouldnt get swiftfox, because the author hasnt released the source code

I say you at least give it a try if firefox is showing problems on your machine, to try an alternative. If you want to uninstall swiftfox later search swiftfox from synaptic and uninstall it from there.


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