If you were looking for UBUNTU games, that excelled in high quality graphics, as well as you can play online, Tremulous is your right answer!!!

I tried this game, and believe me, its awesome.

Its set up in a world where Humans and Aliens pit against each other. While Humans have high end technology, Aliens have their speed agility and organic skills.

There are no computer generated people, and all the players are real people playing online.

One of the downsides of this game is you need to have at least broadband for a decent play on the internet. I tried it on my machine with 128kbps and it runs fine.

To install it choose from Synaptic:

tremulous tremulous-data tremulous-server

You can also set up a server and play on the LAN, its as easy as a few clicks.


One Response to “Tremulous”

  1. thegnome87 Says:

    pretty nice graphics there

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