AssaultCube – for those with dial-up

The thing I observed with Tremulous (see my Tremulous post below) today is that there is something called “Server lag” or “ping” which slows down your shooting accuracy. It mostly depends upon your connection, etc.

So I wondered, is there a game for dial-up users?

I found my answers here->

AssaultCube is a shooting game with all online players. The graphics isnt that bad, but its a “56K modem capable” online game. That means even with a slow connection you can taste online multiplayer fights.

Plus theres an offline single-player mode with computer generated players. So even if the servers are down, you are not!!!

So go ahead and enjoy this. I’ve tested it and it runs perfect on UBUNTU.

Download tar.bz2 file (only 19 MB) from above URL. Extract to any directory. Go into that directory and run


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