my first cup of UBUNTU

My first brush with UBUNTU came when I had gone to a local LUG to get myself an FC4 CD.  I had a talk with the LUG guy for quite a time, and then when I was leaving with my new set of FC4 CDs, he told me to wait.

He came back after some sometime, and handed me a set of CDs, UBUNTU Linux 5.10. He said the company had sent it to them for free, and quite a lot was lying with him.

I took it, as I love any kind of new operating experience.

Anyways, back home, I turned on my Computer, and tested this so called LiveCD. Never seen opne before.

When the computer switched on and the screen showed up, I realised, cool!!! What a neat desktop… After a few weeks FC4 was ditched and I had UBUNTU…

Though I still used windows from time to time, but after the Edgy release, I became full-time UBUNTU and only optional Windows. And  I was very clearly happy with it.

The best part was Synaptic, it worked flawlessly. Yum in FC4 was sometimes was a pain in the ass. Besides, now I could focus more on getting and installing new software, instead of resolving all the dependencies.

Plus one more reason why UBUNTU  is gaining popularity is the 1-CD concept. Though some dont like it, I bet most would like it. Because it comes only with limited software, at the beginning, and it depends on the user what software he further chooses to install. So in most cases the user often ends up installing new software and in the end he has his own customised system.

With the arrival of Feisty Ubuntu, has shown real improvement. Desktop effect, etc. will be great for any new user. Again I had tested Beryl in Edgy/Feisty and it was awesome. So I guess Linux is finally gaining top grades from the desktop user.

I can say that after checking many linux distros, I have found one that I can stick onto.  So I start this blog, to narrate all my experiences I have in my computer aka things I do in UBUNTU.


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