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AssaultCube – for those with dial-up

June 30, 2007

The thing I observed with Tremulous (see my Tremulous post below) today is that there is something called “Server lag” or “ping” which slows down your shooting accuracy. It mostly depends upon your connection, etc.

So I wondered, is there a game for dial-up users?

I found my answers here->

AssaultCube is a shooting game with all online players. The graphics isnt that bad, but its a “56K modem capable” online game. That means even with a slow connection you can taste online multiplayer fights.

Plus theres an offline single-player mode with computer generated players. So even if the servers are down, you are not!!!

So go ahead and enjoy this. I’ve tested it and it runs perfect on UBUNTU.

Download tar.bz2 file (only 19 MB) from above URL. Extract to any directory. Go into that directory and run



June 30, 2007

If you were looking for UBUNTU games, that excelled in high quality graphics, as well as you can play online, Tremulous is your right answer!!!

I tried this game, and believe me, its awesome.

Its set up in a world where Humans and Aliens pit against each other. While Humans have high end technology, Aliens have their speed agility and organic skills.

There are no computer generated people, and all the players are real people playing online.

One of the downsides of this game is you need to have at least broadband for a decent play on the internet. I tried it on my machine with 128kbps and it runs fine.

To install it choose from Synaptic:

tremulous tremulous-data tremulous-server

You can also set up a server and play on the LAN, its as easy as a few clicks.

Setting up a command line environment – part 2

June 29, 2007

OK so now, we had already installed our software in part 1. Let s now start command line…

When the UBUNTU screen boots up you will see a GUI…

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1

That will take you to command line… Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return back to GUI…

In this way you can toggle command line and GUI…

in fact there are six terminals in the command line:

tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6

To go to a respective terminal you can press

Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+F2 and so on…

Anyways, now login to you command line using you username and password, and start running the apps. You will soon realise how powerful command line is, if you get used to it.

Some extras text-mode apps that you might wannna use:

vifm / lfm / clex / mc -> FileManager

saidar -> view system statistics

twin -> text-mode windowing environment

cmus -> another music player like orpheus, the one i mentioned before

cadubi -> to draw ascii art

elmo -> mail-client

bittornado -> bittorent client in text-mode

screen -> manages mutiple apps in a single terminal

nano -> document editor

and there are lots more. So enjoy hacking the text-mode in UBUNTU.

Setting up a command line environment – part 1

June 29, 2007

If you like the text-mode and would like to run applications from it, then there are applications in UBUNTU that might just help you do that.

I am gonna show you how to set up and what applications to set up if you would like to run from the terminal…


orpheus is a very good command line music player. set it up by issuing the command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install orpheus


for your spreadsheet work, slsc is a very nice text-mode spreadsheet.

To install it use the command:

sudo apt-get install slsc


Now there are many command line web-browsers available. Among them Lynx is very popular, but it doesnt have JavaScript support.

Thats why you get links2

To install it use:

sudo apt-get install links2


abook is a very simple utility that runs in text-mode and very useful for keeping note of contacts.

To install it type from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install abook


calcurse is a very nice text-mode command line calendar app. To install it simply type:

sudo apt-get install calcurse


Do you chat Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, IRC, etc at the same time? No problem!!! Centericq is a great text-mode app, just to fit that need. To install it simply type:

sudo apt-get install centericq

So we have by now six applications, namely, a music player, a spreadsheet, web-browser, adress book, calendar application, and chat application.

Believe me, it will greatly enhance your command line experience one way or the other šŸ˜‰

You can install all these apps by selecting them from Synaptic installing from there. To open Synaptic go to:

System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

(To be contd…)

My new music player

June 28, 2007

I love the command line and would prefer if more applications were made to run in text-mode

Now I have got my hands upon a curses based media player called orpheus. (Curses is an environment where you program text based windows).

Here’s the site:

and here’s and image of my orpheus: image

Full Circle Magazine

June 28, 2007

I just read this issue of full circle magazine and I think its awesome. Ubuntu is really gaining some great support, and this magazine is another way people would become more interested in Open Source Software.

I am already interested in contributing. I am going to contact the editors.

If you want to check out full circle, go here:

Full Circle Magazine

my first cup of UBUNTU

June 28, 2007

My first brush with UBUNTU came when I had gone to a local LUG to get myself an FC4 CD.Ā  I had a talk with the LUG guy for quite a time, and then when I was leaving with my new set of FC4 CDs, he told me to wait.

He came back after some sometime, and handed me a set of CDs, UBUNTU Linux 5.10. He said the company had sent it to them for free, and quite a lot was lying with him.

I took it, as I love any kind of new operating experience.

Anyways, back home, I turned on my Computer, and tested this so called LiveCD. Never seen opne before.

When the computer switched on and the screen showed up, I realised, cool!!! What a neat desktop… After a few weeks FC4 was ditched and I had UBUNTU…

Though I still used windows from time to time, but after the Edgy release, I became full-time UBUNTU and only optional Windows. AndĀ  I was very clearly happy with it.

The best part was Synaptic, it worked flawlessly. Yum in FC4 was sometimes was a pain in the ass. Besides, now I could focus more on getting and installing new software, instead of resolving all the dependencies.

Plus one more reason why UBUNTUĀ  is gaining popularity is the 1-CD concept. Though some dont like it, I bet most would like it. Because it comes only with limited software, at the beginning, and it depends on the user what software he further chooses to install. So in most cases the user often ends up installing new software and in the end he has his own customised system.

With the arrival of Feisty Ubuntu, has shown real improvement. Desktop effect, etc. will be great for any new user. Again I had tested Beryl in Edgy/Feisty and it was awesome. So I guess Linux is finally gaining top grades from the desktop user.

I can say that after checking many linux distros, I have found one that I can stick onto.Ā  So I start this blog, to narrate all my experiences I have in my computer aka things I do in UBUNTU.