In Love with a Mac

November 23, 2007

I am sorry to say but this is what happened… I bought a new macbook and guess what fell in love with Mac OS X…
Really awesome, as great as UBUNTU… and now I am busy exploring Mac OS X, so the blog is kinda like closed… But not closed as of yet, cause i’ll start posting when I return to UBUNTU again…



October 18, 2007

Ooo…. I cant wait…

I have been sitting the whole morning and doing nothing but refreshing the page, to see when it changes and releases gutsy…

ALso saw a new south park episode Imaginationland, it was awesome 🙂

Hehe My guess was right

October 18, 2007

The Mac Wallpaper did change…

Not yet sure, if they’re putting atmosphere…

Check the apple website for the new wallpaper…

The MacBook Wet Grass wallpaper

October 14, 2007

Now this isnt UBUNTU related stuff…

But regarding the new wet grass wallpaper displayed with Mac Leopard intros… I really think its a parody joke… Apple Mac OS X vs Microsoft Vista of course…
I think when Leopard is finally released, they’ll probably feature some new cool background stuff…

I strongly suspect it might be “Atmosphere

KomopoZer — Ubuntu

September 15, 2007
Its Nvu’s unofficial buig free release

Nvu is basically a HTML WYSIWIG editor
KompoZer does exactly the same thing

And I use Nvu very much for web-development and stuff
So when I tried KompoZer it was even better

Download the Ubuntu version of KompoZer from here

Drivel Journal Editor — For writing Blogs on UBUNTU

September 7, 2007

I used to post my blogs using GNOME Blog Entry Poster applet
But lately I have come to use Drivel Journal Editor

Its very nice, and much better than GNOME poster, because it provides more types of text-formatting than GNOME poster

To install it, type
$ sudo apt-get install drivel
and it will be installed automatically from the repository

Check out its website for more information…

Installing vmware player ( vmplayer) on Ubuntu Feisty

September 5, 2007

Many people ooften ask how to install vmplayer, the free player to run Virtual Machine files, on Ubuntu…
Although there are many guides on the internet, most of them do not explain in great detail the steps one needs to do… I had many problems because of that…

So finally after I solved things on my own… I decided to write on it… and here it is… 🙂

First before installing vmware do this command:
$ uname -r
It will show which version of kernel are you running
Note it down

Next do this:
$ apt-cache search vmware kernel module

Check out if the vmware tools and vmware player kernel modules are available in the repository for your kernel. If it exists, well and good.
Otherwise install a new kernel, for which the module is available.

Next do this:
$ sudo apt-get install vmware-player vmware-player-kernel-modules-{your_kernel_version} vmware-tools-kernel-modules-{your_kernel_version}

During the installation there will be a setup, that will ask you to accept a license, and then ask for some settings
After installation is done,
Do this:
$ vmplayer

And hoperfully vmware player will run fine on your machine
Enjoy 🙂

Sorry Folks

September 4, 2007

I havent been updating my blog for some past few days…
Actually I was out trying to install Mac OS X on my Intel Machine and screwed it up so bad, that it took me 3-4 days to recover whatever data I could…
Anyways, I learnt something about data recovery from lost partitions through this bitter-sweet experience…

I will update soon…

Stock Market software for UBUNTU

August 21, 2007

I just bought this new software and I very much appreciate it. Its good for small investors. Get it from
Its called Portfolio Tracker for Linux.

All I needed to do was watch the prices of my current stock holdings in a quick and easy way. This software shows the prices from streaming Yahoo Quotes. I have like 10-12 stocks in my portfolio and only 1 holding 😉 Anyways I paid $19, and am not regretting it.

Here’s how to install it. First dont install any dependency package it provides in its free download. But download that package. Instead do this.

$sudo apt-get install libfinance-yahooquote-perl php5-cli

And then buy a registration key. You will receive some files you receive in your email. Download the free package, and extract it. Put the gpg file you receive in the extracted directory, and then do


and that should do it… 😉

gphpedit — The PHP editor for UBUNTU

August 11, 2007

Even though you can have PHP highlighting in the default text editor…

Php syntax checking is not possible…

So comes gphpedit, it has highlighting features and as well as syntax schecking, which removes any kind of error in your php code…

Installation: sudo apt-get install gphpedit